Ruta de la Tapa Adeje 2015

The Tapas Route or “Ruta de la Tapa” is organised by the Town Hall where the Restaurants that wish to participate present their tapa into a competition where the prices are established for two weeks at only 2€!! And each drink is just 1€ more.
When starting your route be sure to take a healthy appetite.

I started mine on the Calle Grande of Adeje Village, the main street on the way to the Town Hall.

At Restaurante El Puente I ate the tapa «Salpicón de atún» ; a beautifully put together tuna salad with some fresh green leaves lightly sprinkled with typically Canarian «Mojo» sauces. The combination of flavours tasted like a winner to me straight away.

My second stop was next door at Restaurante La Rambla. Their participating tapa was named «Tierra y Mar «. Their interpretation of a «Surf and Turf»; on a bed of fried bread crumbs in cured ham and red chorizo sausage lies a juicy fillet of fresh salmon topped with a light sweet -lemon vinaigrette. Another winner!

Surprised at the magnificent level of the first two tapas I made my way to Restaurante el Cañon, in the canyon on Calle Piedra Redonda.

I was presented with a tapa named «Nido Ibérico» or Iberian Nest: On a slice of toasty fried white bread sits a cup or nest of finely chopped chips holding a poached egg covered in dices of delicious assorted Iberian hams. The elaboration was admirable considering the cost established.
Next on my route was Restaurante Compostela on the same road in the canyon where I ate «Sabores de mi Tierra» which translated is «Flavours of my Land»: round croquettes or «buñuelos» of creamy sweet potato a with smoked ham served on a dash of mojo.

At this point, and all within walking distance I moved on to Restaurante Tik-Tak looking forward to a Galician tapa from the North of Spain.
img_20151114_195529.jpgTheir take on the internationally famous «Pulpo a La Gallega» was a tender octupus tentacle on layers of crispy potatoes constructed with an intense, savoury paste of sun dried tomatoes, typical to Galician village Riveira, Twin city to Adeje.This delicious tapa was served with a fuity white Galician Ribeiro wine «Brisas do Mar» that tied in with perfect balance.
My sixth course was at Casa Juan on C\ Viera y Clavijo, just one up from the canyon.
The “Pincho Ibérico” is a tapa with some of img_20151114_201613.jpgSpain’s most cherished prime products; a toasted slice of baguette smeared in fresh tomato, virgin olive oil and garlic ( “Pá amb tomaquet” in Catalan language) with layers of Manchego cured cheese combined with a divine Spanish ham at its full ripeness.
To wash this delicatessen down I was served the house wine, a fantastic full red wine from Catalonia’s city Tarragona .
After a six course meal with outstanding quality of product and elaboration and with drinks included, for only 24€, I still have 18 tapas more to try.
The judges will certainly have a difficult task in order to select a winner for this years competition.
I know I can´t wait for my next stage of “La Ruta de la Tapa”.
Written by Lorena Cabrera